Flower Club

At the height of the summer, from June to October,  we open our farm for flower arranging days where small groups come to our flower farm, roam the gardens, get a generous bucketful of flowers and be creative with as much or as little guidance as they like. The themes covered, like the flowers, change throughout the season and there is plenty of tea and cake to keep the creative juices flowing.

Flower Club Days are on the second Sunday of each month from June to October. There is no need to bring anything as all equipment is supplied. All vessels used are yours to take home as well as any unused flowers. The atmosphere is informal and the aim is to have a relaxing time with beautiful flowers. These days are simply great fun! There is absolutely no pressure to produce a masterpiece. We will show you the basics and give you a few pointers so you have the confidence to be creative when you are on your own.